“Training at Xcelerated Performance over the summer increased my driving distance by 10 yards on the golf course, a huge difference.”

“Working with XP and Hayward Statum has made a tremendous difference in both my fitness level and nutritional awareness.”

“Hayward Statum is more than a trainer. He’s one of the best people I know and I’m lucky to call him a good friend. You could not ask for a better human to help you reach your goals.”

There Isn't a Better Place to Train...

Training at Xcelerated Performance for the first time was awesome! It was my first time working with a personal trainer. Hayward went above and beyond to help me prepare for the season with baseball specific training. He developed an individual program for me and pushed me to make the improvements I needed to this off season. The workouts were a balanced mix of acceleration, strength, speed, core and dynamic training. Coming into spring training this year, I felt the most prepared physically I ever have prior to any season. In terms of athlete and sport specific training there isn't a better place to train than at Xcelerated. His years of coaching, experience, and dedication to helping his athletes improve their game is hands down the best in Roanoke.

--Kevin Munson
Diamondbacks Organization
Double A ball

Midlife Transformation

People have been amazed at my physical transformation since I started training with Hayward two years ago. At 45, I'm in the best shape of my life--and more important, Hayward and Krista made it fun to get here. I've always felt anxious about learning a new physical activity, but Hayward's patience and humor helped me "start where I was" and appreciate the gradual progress. Additionally, Krista's great advice on supplementation has helped with several minor chonic ailments.

--Jody, Roanoke

Functional Core Training Saved My Mobility

I have had 20 years of back pain. Since I began training at Xcelerated performance, my back pain is gone!

In February of '05 I had a vicious skiing accident that affected my cervical spine. The doctor who performed my surgery said that the strength and stability of my body, including my spinal muscles, saved me from life in a wheelchair. Functional core training played a primary role in saving my life!

--Abby, Roanoke

Completely Challenging

I know that when I come to Xcelerated Performance I’ll be challenged both mentally and physically.

--Jane, Roanoke

Pain Reduction

I have a bad disk in the lumbar area of my spine. Since training at Xcelerated Performance I have less back pain. As a result, my pain specialist has reduced the number of injections administered for pain!

--Meredith, Roanoke