Personal Training Services

As sports performance and exercise specialists, the personal trainers at Xcelerated Performance use an approach that emphasizes muscle function through the interrelated groups of muscles and joints working together to perform complex movement patterns.

Personal Training Services for Athletes and General Fitness

Personal Training Rates

Core +4 $210
Individual Half-Hour Session $40
Individual Hour Session $57
Two-Person Hour Session $88
Three-Person Hour Session $111
Semi-Private Group Sessions $330/month
45-Minute Core Analysis $120
Self Myofascial Release Class,
(min. 3 people; includes 3' roller)
Call 540-580-9939 for details of how you can get 4 months of semi-private sessions for the price of 3 months

About Self Myofascial Release

But…It’s My Day Off!

For most people who train, the tendency is to either train hard or do nothing. Workouts produce soreness, and when you’re sore, doing nothing or working out again are both poor choices.

Regeneration is an exercise technique that reduces tension in the body through full range of motion activities, stretching and “rollering.” This recovery technique increases circulation, which is vital for getting nutrients to all parts of the body. It promotes full range of motion to muscles and joints and is a much better alternative to doing nothing on your day off.

Self myofascial release is a part of this recovery process that uses foam rollers to release tension, loosen muscle and gets the blood flowing.

Rollers are simple and effective tools that use deep compression to help release muscle spasms, and scar tissue that develop over time. The compression causes the nerves to relax and loosen muscle.

Self myofascial release can be done on a daily basis, especially before you go to bed to help you relax and improve blood flow for repair and healing.

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