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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Every January we all decide to do something about our weight gain over the holidays. First, we embark on making a commitment to get back in the gym. Second, we decide to restrict our calories to help speed up the weight loss. Unfortunately, calorie reduction is rewarding in the short term but doesn't work long term. The body needs a certain amount of calories made up of protein, carbs and fats just to function. If you have ever gone on a low calorie diet, you know that eventually you start feeling run down and having a lack of focus.

Fitness vs. Health

In this day of body transformations, biggest losers and crossfit, I start to ask myself, Are our clients looking for fitness or health? People watch the Biggest Loser not realizing that what they are doing is unrealistic and can't be sustained for a long period of time. When people watch the Crossfit games they think the participants are average Joes, when in reality they are Outliers. When people go and join their local "Box" what some get is injured instead of fit and then lose their zeal to continue to train.

Our goal at Xcelerated Performance is to help our clients reach their fitness and health goals. These goals include decreasing body fat, losing weight and getting stronger, while keeping risk of injury to a minimum.

The Big Boss L-Glutamine

Bruce Springstein maybe "The Boss" in the world of rock 'n roll, but, in the world of amino acids, L-Glutamine is "The Big Boss."  It's Big Boss status is demonstrated by the fact that it's the most abundant amino acid in circulation.  There's 3-4 times more glutamine in the body than all other aminos, and, when blood tests are given, it's not unusual to find glutamine below normal levels.

I'll Take My Agave as Tequila, Thanks!

My favorite drink of celebration is a shot of Patron, two ice cubes, two limes. Agave...Ahhh what a fine plant! Then, I was thrilled to find that agave nectar was being manufactured into something else I could use. Like many people, I am insulin sensitive and am always looking for something sweet that won't elevate my blood sugar. Agave nectar was low on the glycemic index (how quickly foods turn into sugar in the body): win / win, I thought.

How Much Protein?

Many people, over the years, have asked the question, " How much protein should I consume?" The easy answer is 1/2 your bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 200 lbs, you should take in about 100g per day. Now this doesn't answer the question, what type of protein? Nor good sorces of protein.

Before answering those questions one needs to know why you need protein?

Cinnamon: Fast Track to Fat Loss

The ancient spice cinnamon has been treasured for its unique properties for thousands of years and now promotes healthy weight management. Scientists have recently discovered that cinnamon assists the body's conversion of sugar (glucose) into energy by activating receptor sites in muscle. It helps burn the sugars we eat in the muscle rather than store it as fat. I've used Cinnamon Force by New Chapter with great success. In Roanoke find it at Nature's Outlet.

By Krista Kurvits