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Fitness vs. Health

In this day of body transformations, biggest losers and crossfit, I start to ask myself, Are our clients looking for fitness or health? People watch the Biggest Loser not realizing that what they are doing is unrealistic and can't be sustained for a long period of time. When people watch the Crossfit games they think the participants are average Joes, when in reality they are Outliers. When people go and join their local "Box" what some get is injured instead of fit and then lose their zeal to continue to train.

Our goal at Xcelerated Performance is to help our clients reach their fitness and health goals. These goals include decreasing body fat, losing weight and getting stronger, while keeping risk of injury to a minimum.

How Often Can Athletes Train?

There has been lots of conversation debating how often one should work out. Plus how should I break down my workouts? We at XP are strong believers in working out 6 days/week. Now that doesn't mean weight training all 6 days--it's more a balance of 3 days/week of strength training, doing full body workouts with each day having a different emphasis. For example:

Day 1--Chest and Back emphasis.
Day 2--Legs emphasis.
Day 3--Shoulders.

Why Train for Golf?

By Krista Kurvits

Every golfer wants to play better golf. If you’re competitive, to lower your handicap and improve your score is a common goal.

In golf the body is told to move through the transverse plane (rotation) at speeds that can create a torque equal to baseball pitching. If you haven’t prepared your body to do this type of movement 30 to 40 times per game, you could be creating physical problems in your lower back, hip or shoulder, to name a few.